Youth in Action

Dreams for Orphans is proud to support youth striving to make a difference and making a global impact. Kids helping kids has been a part of Dreams for Orphans from inception and is a part of our roots. We truly believe kids of any age can get involved in helping their peers around the world. Contact us today to learn more.

St. Anne School "Upcycles" for Orphans!
Led by the 7th grade, St. Anne school collected old electronic gear and turned it into cash to help raise funds for orphans in Ghana. The idea of Karen DeKlaver and her children Landon and Elsa, the drive urged peers, neighbors and parishioners to turn in their retired electronic gizmos for “upcycling.” The obsolete smart phones, cellphones, iPods, iPhones, laptops, video game consoles, video games, digital cameras, mp3 players and more came pouring in. Not only did the drive help clean up the environment, it generated more than $2,200 for Dreams for Orphans' initiatives. A special thank you to the 7th grade class and for the St. Anne community for embracing this electronic drive on behalf of Dreams for Orphans. It’s amazing what can be accomplished for others even in the busy days leading up to the end of the school year.
Slam Dunk for Orphans
Young Jonathan Burke, 13, of Chicago, dreamed up a slam dunk for the orphans of Ghana. With the help of his basketball team and Hill Middle School, he collected 100 pairs of basketball shoes and delivered them to children in need, with the help of his Delta flight attendant mother, Lisa Burke. The kids need shoes to be able to go to school. Lisa gives us a presence in Chicago. Another Delta flight attendant, Melanie Mapp, is carrying our story to New Jersey.
Bowling B-Day for DFO
St. Anne School students Claire Benjamin, Olivia Smith, and Nick Kennison celebrated their birthdays with friends while raising money for Dreams in lieu of gifts. The three received a matching grant from St. Anne School, helping to reach their $2,000 goal. We at Dreams thank these students for their hard work and dedication!
Trip to Ghana
Six teens traveled on a mission trip to Ghana with two chaperones, director Jennifer Hyde and founder Kary Doerfler. These youth ambassadors were successful in completeing the painting and decorating of the preschool at Great Mission Orphanage. They were also able to delivery much needed school supplies collected from students at ST. Anne’s, Seattle WA.
Recent trip to Africa
The youth ambassadors enjoyed sharing arts and crafts and playing basketball and soccer with the children on their recent trip to Africa. They were also able to visit the historic slave castle and see the canopy forest and crocodile farm.
Thank You
Thank you to Liam and Lauren for collecting school supplies from St. Anne School. Our group was able to take the supplies on the trip to Accra and deliver them to three orphanages a school and the local village.

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