Update on the Village of Hope Pediatric Care Unit

Last month, we were excited to share the plans for our new Pediatric Care Unit at Village of Hope. We also started excavation for the project – click here to check out the photos!

We know that our donors have been waiting a long time to see some start on the construction of the Pediatric Care Unit and nursery, and the long wait is starting to pay off! The groundbreaking happened in September of 2013, excavation continues, and soon the 5-month process for the construction of the sub-structure will begin.

A few details are in the works, still, but here is a tentative timetable for this phase of construction:


The first step will be to mold the 6-inch blocks necessary to form the foundation. We will also be purchasing all of the necessary construction materials including iron rods for stability of the building, all the cement needed for the foundation and floor, wood to use for forming the pillar molds, stone chippings, sand, and nails. During this first month, the foundation trenches will also be cleaned and prepared for the foundation blocks.


Once all of the preparation is complete during month one, we will begin casting the foundation concrete in month two. Additionally, the foundation blocks will be laid. The wooden forms for the pillars will be fixed, as will the iron rods.


Time to cast the pillar concrete!


During this step in the construction of the sub-structure, we will be filling the foundation with sand and compacting that filling to ensure stability and security.


The final step to this phase of the Pediatric Care Unit’s construction process will include the casting of the floor concrete, so that we can build up from there!

Of course, this timetable is dependent upon the availability of funds for the project, which will cost about $180,000 in total (we have already raised $100,000!). Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months, as we move forward with this phase of construction!

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