Lakaya’s Last Weeks in Ghana

Lakaya's Last Weeks in Ghana, was filled with emotion, she visited a number of orphanages, assigning homework to the children, also spreading love and fun.
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Week 6

Week 6 of Lakaya's trip was filled with visiting orphanages and experiencing the structure of the different villages, implementing education, and love.
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Lakaya: One Month in Ghana

Lakaya's blog- One month in Ghana. She feels like a local now, filling her time keeping the kids active, helping w/ homework, and creating fun projects.
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Lakaya’s First Day

Lakaya's First Day volunteering at the orphanage in Ghana was spent observing, all the kids showed her so much love, and she had so much fun playing games.
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Party at GMI Orphanage

Party at GMi Orphanage, Lakaya states how difficult it was to find certain components, however she compromised and the children had an amazing experience.
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Welcome Lakaya, our new volunteer in Ghana!

Welcome Lakaya, our new volunteer in Ghana! She will have a 2 month stay in Ghana, w/ her big heart, she will spreading her love and attention to the kids.
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