Successful Eye Surgery for Sponsored Child Samuel

7db1e63a4885478996285db30f8f83311042ffb680f0e7fe6b811ebf2d3ca546We are so happy to announce that one of our sponsored children in Ghana has just had a successful surgery and is recovering well. Samuel recently had much-needed eye surgery. Thank you to all of our Dreams for Orphans donors who made this life-changing operation possible!

Kary first met Samuel eight years ago while visiting Osu Children’s Home in Accra, Ghana. Samuel and his twin sister Samuela shared a crib together. Their mother died during childbirth, and soon after they were born, their grandmother passed away.

Heidi Morteson, a volunteer from Denmark in the nursery, fell in love with the twins while caring for them. She sponsors their education to this day. The surviving family member, their aunt Ester, had to make the difficult decision to leave the twins in Osu since she couldn’t care for them along with her own small children. Samuel suffered from glaucoma and Samuela had a bowed leg, which they were both treated for as infants through medical expenses funded by Dreams for Orphans and Unite for Sight. Samuel continued to have glaucoma despite many treatments, which causes any light that hits the eyeball to be painful and consistent weeping of the eye.

Unfortunately, the only way to heal Samuel of his pain is to remove his eye. He has continued to suffer from his symptoms, so this procedure will hopefully bring him relief. This shocking, difficult decision had to be made in the already challenging life of such a young person. Dreams for Orphans is assisting with the hospital payment for Samuel’s surgery.

Although we are saddened by Samuel’s loss of his eye, we are hopeful this will be the solution to end Samuel’s suffering and allow him to learn, grow, and play with other children. We would like to thank all of our Dreams for Orphans sponsors for making this surgery possible. Aunt Ester is so thankful and wanted to personally thank all the donors who made this happen. Samuel is now recovering from his surgery and doing well. We will continue to have updates in his recovery process and life. Thank you sponsors!

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