Pediatric Care Unit

About our new facility

Dreams for Orphans has teamed with Village of Hope in the village of Gomoa Fettah in Accra, Ghana to construct a Pediatric Care facility. This important medical and social facility will provide nursing care to infants and young children, lodging for orphans, a pediatric care clinic, and much more. There will be nursery and medical care areas, play spaces (both indoor and outdoor), sleeping areas for the orphans and staff, and other features.

The Unit will be able to care for 20 orphans, in addition to offering facilities for staff to ensure the best round-the-clock care for these kids. We’re initially constructing a single-story building for the Unit, however it is being built with necessary stability to hold a second story, so that it can be added in the future.


About the Unit

The new unit will provide:

  • Care for twenty infants
  • Live-in area for staff to facilitate around-the-clock care
  • On-staff pediatricians
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas
  • A new sick ward
  • A surgery room
  • A recovery room
  • Extra storage areas
  • And much more!


Phase2-Substructure begins

We have acquired the cement and sand for the foundation bricks, and made water available to the construction workers to begin making the blocks for the foundation. The blocks are made from mixing cement, sand and water using specific ratios. Once the appropriate consistency is achieved, the mixture is poured in batches into the block-making machine, which is powered by electricity. It has molds for different block dimensions. The base of the mold is a detachable wooden palette on which the frame of the mold sits. Once the mold is filled, the machine compresses and compacts the mixture by vibrating for a few seconds and, in the process, creates blocks that are set out in the sun to dry.

As of early April 2014, we have created a little over 2,000 blocks. The blocks need two weeks to cure and then they can be used for construction.

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A visit to the site of our new Pediatric Care Unit was a highlight for all. The group was able to see the progress of the completed foundation and arrived just in time to see the pouring of the cement floor. The walls will soon begin to be erected in the upcoming months.