Our Thoughts Are With Ghana During Major Flood Recovery

When a city lacks modern infrastructure, the smallest natural cause can make a significant impact. So is the case in Accra, Ghana, where a heavy rain on June 3rd caused fatal flooding in the city. The streets quickly filled with rainwater that the outdated sewer systems could not clear away quick enough, engulfing homes and businesses. Excess water caused fuel from a gas station to ignite and explode, burning people alive. According to the Associated Press, at least 150 people have died from the fire and flood.

The city of Accra has doubled in population since 1990, according to the Wall Street Journal, and has not been able to keep up in its framework. Roads are choppy, electricity is spotty, cholera outbreaks and flooding have been occurring more and more. Major change needs to be implemented to prevent the city from crumbling further.

Our work at Dreams for Orphans is centered in Accra. This news is devastating, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this flooding. It is yet another instance of everyday hardship in Ghana, where we strive to give orphaned children the life they deserve through educational opportunities and building safe environments. We wish we could do more, but the help we have provided to some of the world’s neediest children has improved lives one orphan at a time.

Dreams for Orphans founder Kary Doerfler and her daughter, Lexi, traveled to Accra just days after the flooding in the city to pay school fees for our sponsored children and deliver school supplies collected by St. Anne Elementary School in Seattle. Despite the disaster just miles away and the daily hardships they deal with, the orphans always have a smile on their face. It makes all our efforts worthwhile to see them happy and healthy.

Photo via spyghana.com

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