Marvin has been out of school for a year and was very motivated to further his education.  He found Nightingale school of Nursing on his own and approached Dreams for Orphans about the possibility of attending.  Kary reached out to a Delta Airlines pilot who has spent time with the orphanage and knew Marvin.  He and his family spent Christmas with John the director and the orphans.  He was more than happy to sponsor Marvin to attend Nursing school.  Marvin is already interning in the hospital and has practiced taking blood pressure at the orphanage.  He is thankful for this opportunity and there is no doubt about how successful he will be. Marvin is DFO’s first medical student!

About the Author
My 24 years as a flight attendant have enabled me to travel and see much of the world. When I started going to Africa my passion was born to help the less fortunate and show my own 3 children this imbalance. I wanted them to know they had a responsibility to others as they grow up in a world that most things are readily accessible to them and are not to most the world. It is easy to fall in love with children in Africa. It is more difficult to find appropriate ways to help. Education was by far the first tool we knew could be powerful and effective. Combining this with improved environment, enables them to grow and thrive with food, shelter, medical care and most of all love.I travel to Ghana as a flight attendant monthly and enjoy taking my children on working trips as well as our own vacation time. Being on the ground making sure the DFO funds are carefully dispatched is rewarding and I am compensated by their huge smiles and hugs every time I visit. Seven years have gone by so fast and I cannot imagine my life without DFO and all the children. As Dreams continues to grow I relish the fact that the number of orphans we are helping is increasing. We are able to expand to more orphanages and provide education and safe environments to those orphans who deserve a rich and happy life.

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