Lakaya’s First Day

Today was my first day at Great Mission International! It’s situated in Nungua on a nice sized plot of land. As of now the orphanage houses about 50 children, and has about 15 workers & volunteers. My intention today was to just go & observe. I have never been to an orphanage so I really didn’t know what to expect.

Literally as soon as I walked in, little munchkins were giving me lots of love & hugs. I ¬†forgot about the memo that says kids have unlimited amounts of energy! We played every game in the book until they wore me out! I think the favorite was musical chairs. Oh, they loved the fact that I was a black American & kept asking me if I was from Ghana. They gave me three Ghanian names…in return I showed them the only black American dance I know – The Cupid Shuffle. A good time was had by all…but by me mostly!

with love


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