How We Help

Orphans around the world face a number of challenges and inequalities. Dreams for Orphans advocates on their behalf, striving to provide them with a safe environment and the best educational opportunities available. Our dream is for these children to have solid education and a safe place to live. By addressing these issues early on, the orphans we support have the opportunity for a brighter future.

Education is the key to success. Dreams for Orphans believes education is the one gift we can give an orphan than no one can take away. We are on the ground monthly facilitating private school sponsorships, vocational school programs and supporting those enrolled at university level. Our support includes paying tuition and lunch fees, providing school supplies and uniforms, monitoring and advocating to ensure each student’s success and researching potential schools in areas needed.

All of our education is taken care of by individual sponsors who sponsor an orphan. We have 18 sponsors -17 sponsored orphans ranging from 5-21–This involves a total of 7 schools. We look forward to growing this program and would like to build out the page to gain interests from individual,
groups, companies etc… to join in and sponsor a child. They will receive individual report cards and letters from the child as well as be able to send a letter to communicate with the child. Read More




buildingA safe environment is a basic necessity for all children to grow and thrive. Our definition of environment includes both the physical structures in which these orphans live, and the critical health concerns that face them. We have helped maintain existing structures in orphanages through repairs of doors and windows, and have donated much needed new mosquito netting to prevent malaria. Our team has provided financial assistance in support of critical medical concerns as well as routine doctor visits. A safe and healthy environment is truly the basis for any child’s success and we work to deliver this to those we support.




‘We live in a global society, one in which education will bring positive change in so many ways”

– Libby Rain, Co-Founder –