Murial and Sandenna Visit Ghana

Dreams for Orphans sponsors Murial and her daughter Sandenna recently visited the orphans in Ghana. Here is a note from Sandenna about their trip:

“Landing in Ghana I felt the sudden burst of happiness I had been anticipating, come to full effect. The people, the culture, the atmosphere, I was convinced it couldn’t get any better than this. Until I visited the wonderful children of Great Mission International and Village of Hope. Right then, I knew my life has changed. These children had the warmest hearts and kindest eyes. They taught me to not only love all, but to accept all. These orphanages were a home. Not only to the children, but to all who visited. The beautiful people who worked with the children were so genuine. They welcomed us with open arms and treated us as one. Thank you Dreams for Orphans for teaching me that the true amenities in life cannot be manufactured. Thank you for showing me what truly matters.”
















Thank you Murial and Sandenna for supporting our cause and bringing smiles to the orphans’ faces!

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