Foundation Block-Making Process Continues for the Pediatric Care Unit

Last month, Village of Hope announced the start of the construction of our Pediatric Care Unit’s substructure. This phase of the building process will take approximately five months. As they mentioned in the report, this first month of the phase includes the purchase of necessary construction materials, molding of the foundation blocks, and cleaning and preparation of the foundation trenches.

We are excited to say that work is continuing as planned!


As soon as the project management team at the Village of Hope received the funds for the purchase of materials, they acquired the cement and sand they needed for the blocks. They also got water to the site for the construction workers.

Now that the materials are at the site, the foundation blocks have begun to be made. The bags of cement make 18-20 blocks each, once mixed with sand and water. The foundation blocks have to be six inches thick, 18 inches long and 9 inches high, while the blocks for the superstructure must be five inches thick, 18 inches long and 9 inches high.

A specific ratio of sand, cement, and water is mixed to create the right consistency for the blocks. The mixture is poured into an electricity-powered block-making machine, which has different molds for the two different block sizes. The machine compacts the mixture by vibrating for a few seconds after the mold is filled, and then the blocks are put out in the sun to dry. The blocks need two weeks to cure and then they can be used for construction of the foundation and superstructure.

As of last Friday, April 11th, the workers had used 162 bags of cement, so that means over 3,000 blocks have been made. Those blocks are currently drying and curing in the sun.

In addition to the block-making, the construction crew at the Pediatric Care Unit site is cleaning and defining the walls of the foundation trenches. This is being done so that the masons can then pour concrete into these trenches to form a strong foundation for the Pediatric Care Unit.

Unfortunately, the trench-cleaning and preparation schedule has been set back a couple of weeks due to unforeseen heavy rains. The trenches must be dry before concrete can be poured. While it doesn’t normally rain so much this time of year, it seems that the weather pattern has changed, since it has rained four times when trench-cleaning was supposed to happen. Sadly, this has caused some of the walls to cave in after work was completed.

We are hoping for dry weather so that the trench-cleaning can be completed and concrete poured. Once the concrete is dry, we will begin laying the blocks!


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