Fighting for Universal Education as Back to School Approaches

A list of supplies, the smell of new crayons, a shiny red apple for the teacher—every child should have the chance to prepare these items to go back to school in the fall. At Dreams for Orphans, we strive to provide educational opportunities and safe environments for displaced children in Ghana, Africa. We believe that education is the key to success; a gift we can give an orphan that no one can take away.

As stated in the July 2015 Global WA Newsletter: “Quality education has the capacity to transform both communities and individuals. It is a powerful tool that can end generational cycles of poverty and provide a strong foundation for sustainable development. This is why education is such a crucial component of the global development puzzle.” According to Global WA, 63 million youth ages 12-15 are disallowed from continuing schooling because of discrimination, lack of opportunities, and other societal issues. This is a problem that must be resolved. A single year more of schooling can increase one’s earnings by up to 10%, providing more opportunities for employment and future success.

Dreams for Orphans is on the ground in Ghana year-round to facilitate private school sponsorships, vocational school programs, and support university-level students. Our fundraising efforts and donations go towards paying school tuition and fees, providing school supplies and uniforms, researching potential schools for students, and providing support throughout their schooling so that each student reaches educational success.

The steps we have made are small on a global scale, but enormous within the communities we serve. Giving orphans the opportunity to continue their schooling empowers them and changes their lives for the better, something that each and every person deserves. Universal education will make the world a better place to live in.

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