Education is the key to success.

Dreams for Orphans believes education is the one gift we can give an orphan than no one can take away. We are on the ground monthly facilitating private school sponsorship’s, vocational school programs and supporting those enrolled at university level. Our support includes paying tuition and lunch fees, providing school supplies and uniforms, monitoring and advocating to ensure each student’s success and researching potential schools in areas needed.

We support education through our sponsorship program where donors individually sponsor a child. They can watch the child grow and develop over the years through letters, report cards, pictures and drawings. We have sponsored children Kindergarten through University. Dreams for Orphans also supports other orphans already in school by supplying uniforms, books, extracurricular activities and more. We hope to elevate the level of education through our support to bridge the gap among those with parents.

Dreams for Orphans is happy to have added nine new children to our sponsorship program. They are all from the same orphanage and attending the same school. Many of these children have not attended school before and are excited every day at the opportunity to be attending school. The report from the orphanage is that it has eased their load from caring for the children in the day and having to homeschool them. They now can concentrate their efforts on the smaller children who are at the home. They come home every day-work on homework eat their dinner and are exhausted and quickly fall asleep in the evening. Thank you to all our individual sponsors for giving the children a chance to learn. contact DFO if you are interested in individually sponsoring a child.

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“Mother speaks of The Joys of Sponsorship”
By Melanie Napp:
To give the gift of an education to a child has an immeasurable impact on their life. Education is the building block for human development and that is particularly so for an orphan. I am so fortunate to be a flight attendant for Delta Airlines because it allows me to see first hand the difference sponsorship makes for a child. Just knowing that
someone in the world cares for them builds incredible self confidence, self esteem and for the first time in their young lives, makes them feel so proud. To receive a letter from their sponsor or perhaps some school supplies is so appreciated. I’m lucky to see the smile on their faces and the difference it makes in their day.

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