Benefits of Sponsoring a Child

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves how lucky and privileged we are. Even reading this right now means that you are better off than most of the world’s population, with access to the Internet and the ability to read. Orphaned children around the globe face an incredible amount of difficulty and inequality, which is what Dreams for Orphans strives to improve. We aim to give orphans in Ghana a brighter future by providing educational opportunities and safe environments in their early years.


Along with donations and fundraising for African orphans to attend school, one of the ways Dreams for Orphans provides schooling opportunities is through educational sponsorships. We facilitate private school sponsorships, vocational school programs, and university-level support. This includes covering tuition, school fees, uniforms, lunches, supplies, monitoring progress and advocating for each student along their educational journey. Our sponsored children range from five to 21 years old at seven different schools.

Why it pays off to sponsor a child to go to school:

Provides invaluable opportunity . Education is something we can give a child that no one can take away. Going to school gives a child more financial opportunities later in life, along with valuable social skills and important relationships with peers and teachers. The orphans we sponsor would not otherwise have the ability to attend school.

Receive regular updates . As a Dreams for Orphans sponsor, you will always know how your child is doing in school and the impact you are making in his or her life. You will receive regular report cards and letters from the child, and be able to send letters yourself.

Know where your money is going . Rather than donating to an organization and never seeing where your money is going, a sponsorship gives you personalized insight about the impact you are making. You will always be involved in the child’s journey to know exactly where your money is being spent and how you are helping.

We are always looking for sponsors for each school year— contact us to get involved!

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