All About Our Pediatric Care Unit (In Progress)

We’re part of something incredible that’s going to be a big deal for infants and children in Gomoa Fettah, Ghana. Supporters and recipients of our newsletters might remember that the Dreams for Orphans board voted on the construction of a pediatric care unit in Gomoa Fettah. This vote passed, and we had the exciting groundbreaking in September 2013!

The Pediatric Care Unit is being constructed at Village of Hope Hospital, and will provide nursery care, but so much more! Our new facility will hold up to 20 orphans, providing care and a home for these young children. In addition, the Pediatric Care Unit at Village of Hope will also include a pediatric care clinic and surgery unit for the orphans and the children in the surrounding village of Gomoa Fettah.

Indoor and outdoor playrooms, a full kitchen, and sleeping quarters for staff are just some of the features of our Pediatric Care Unit. This not only creates a wonderful environment for the orphans and children under care at the nursery, it also makes it more expedient for the staff to provide the round-the-clock care that infants need. Additionally, the facility will have weekly prenatal classes. Eventually, there will be capability for more programs, such as nutritional classes for mothers.

Once complete, the Pediatric Care Unit at Village of Hope will be hiring a pediatrician, nurses for the medical care part of the facility, and staff for the nursery.

Our facility is going to be a simple, single-story location, but it is being built with the future intention of expanding upward.

The cost of this influential project is about $180,000, and we have already raised over half that amount in donations. Your help is requested and appreciated to raise the rest of the funds needed to complete the facility.

We are very excited about this new facility, and we’re also very pleased to be working with Village of Hope. The organization is already running a successful hospital, dental care facility and optometry unit. Village of Hope already cares for orphaned infants and offers their aid to the local village of Gomoa Fettah and other surrounding villages.

Stay tuned for more information and details on our Pediatric Care Unit, as progress continues toward its completion! This project is something we’re very excited about – what a great way to begin our new blog!

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